our nagelspiel rules:​ 

FREE for anybody to play! Just drop-in and learn how to play with our lovely Nagelspiel staff.

  1. Each person receives 1 nail

  2. Use of 2 hands prohibited

  3. The small end of the hammer must be on the beam or nail to start, and used to drive the nail into the wood beam.

  4. Player has one continuous swing at nail per turn, if the nail is not driven flush into the log then the hammer is passed to the next player.

  5. The hammer may not be drawn higher than the players chin.

  6. If the nail becomes bent or angled, the player can adjust their position around the wood beam for more accuracy (or) the nail may be straightened and counted as 1 turn.

  7. Players alternate between eachother until a player has their nail even with surface of the wood or below the surface.

  8. No drinks, hands or other materials may be touching the wood beam during play.

  9. The referee has the right to stop play or eliminate players at any time.

  10. All players must sign waiver before playing.