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40oz to freedom

sublime tribute band

Welcome to Bavaria meets rad America! The BEST Sublime Tribute band in the U.S.A. - 40oz to Freedom.

*All shows FREE. Just pre-order a sweet Stein and that'll be your way of saying 'Danke!'

Wake Up and Live_Press 1.jpg

wake up & live

"Don't bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality, yeah!"

- Bob Marley, "Wake Up & Live"

Wake Up & Live pushes the boundaries of your normal "tribute" band by taking the music of Bob Marley into uncharted improvisational moments. This and the stellar arrangements create a unique and powerful twist on the Marley catalog. After just a year, the Denver based band had already made their mark on the premier stages of Colorado and has continued the growth since then.

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More than just the music, they are a show.

The Polkanauts do Polkas metal-style and Metal polka-style. A little surf, some pop-polka, And they throw in some traditional polkas cause they believe! Frankie Yankovic, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Brittney Spears, Santo & Johnny, Led Zeppelin,  and plenty of German Traditionals.

Based in Denver, Colorado, The Polkanauts were formed in 2008.
In 2011 the Polkanauts assaulted the UK with a tour that visited Manchester, London and 11 other cities.

Denvers Thirsty 5.jpg

denver's thirsty 5

a 5-piece oom-pah band consisting of 2 clarinets, trumpet, trombone and of course tuba. We play traditional German polkas, waltzes and marches, as well as holiday and other types of music.


polka folka

Polka n. A 19th century Czech dance craze popular around the world.

Polka Folka n. A band in Denver that plays an eclectic mix of polkas, waltzes, folk and dance music.

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austrian connection

Austrian born, Walter, the band's founder has put together the best band yet! Originally formed in 1989, the band features numerous instruments and tons of talent! 

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peter kron

Peter specializes in a wide variety of authentic traditional German and Austrian songs, from yodeling Polkas to the traditional Sing-Along “Schunkeling” Waltzes to popular American standards, oldies, country, and rock & roll.


rick borger & the AVERAGE GERMAN BAND